Reggie weed is low grade weed that falls under C grade. It is grown in a very poorly way. It is dark in green color and sometime it looks in brown color too. It can be grown in the large fields instead of other weeds which are grown in garage or small place, Reggie weed can be grown at any big and open places just you know how to handle cops. 

No, you must avoid smoking Reggie weed. As its very bad in quality and grown in very poor way. The THC level of Reggie weed is just 2 percent that is very low compare to other weeds. If you smoke it, it can make you some horrible influences. You can find it in black market. So having Reggie weed means that you are heading towards something harmful. Reggie weed is an outcome of poor quality of fertilizers which are grown that makes it into so many seeds. Female Reggie weed produces seed which averts energy to have THC production and grow buds that in turn grow more seeds. This make the plant quality poorer. It is very bad in taste and smell like hell.

Reggie weed can make you unhealthy too as it contains harmful pesticides while growing. While having Reggie weed, you can feel health issues like its smoke can damage your sensitive tissues of your lungs and cause severe breathing issues. It contains harmful and mixture of many poorly grown seeds which create harmful nausea and make you feel fizziness and insensible while having it. 


Reggie weed is consider as one of the unsafe weed accessible in market. One must take care while having it and we will recommend you must throw it if you have.


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