There are many people who smoke weed, but they don’t know what is the best time to take weed to smoke. In this article, we will give you the information about what is the best time to smoke weed. After which process, you should consume weed and different things. So, sit tight and read this article.

Best time to take leaves

As all of us know that THC is one of the most important factors for getting you high, but do you know that it is produced in a certain period of plant’s life cycle only and many believe that curing is one of the better options to do before smoking weed. The time when the plant reaches its maturity, it gets harvested by the farmers. First of all, the farmers keep these plants until it gets dried and as soon as these are dry enough, it is then get stored in an airtight container so that it can sit and cure. Do you know why it is contained in an airtight container, the answer to this question is that keeping cannabis in an airtight container mellows out its lessens and odour and its harshness on the throat while smoking and after they get cured, the product will give you the most of THC which is also filled with the taste and smell.

In case you did not cure these trims and buds, most probably you will face a lot of sore throats and also harsh taste, but you will still feel high in that case. However, if you pluck out these leaves in its vegetative state, its most likely give you no results. 


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