What are the types of leaves which you can consume to get high?  The common answer will be two and that are fan leaves and sugar leaves or trimmings. In case you really want to test some weed leaves then I will suggest you go for the sugar leaves rather than fan leaves. It gives you a better highness than that of the fan leaves, but why is it so? Can we say that the sugar leaves filled with sugar or can we say that all leaves are different in a weed plant? We will see a little definition of sugar leaves or trimmings in this article.

Sugar Leaves or Trimmings

Sugar leaves will be the good choice over the fan leaves. Anyone can find these leaves near the buds and mainly the smaller ones. These leaves are also called because of the trichomes with which it is surrounded. It is the truth that trichomes also contains the THC in it, and that is why it makes it a better choice. The THC which takes you high but the leaves contains a bit less THC than we usually find in the buds of the weed plants as the Marijuana. You will have to take a good amount of weed for smoking to get high. Although in India these weed leaves have a very different purpose of serving on the days of holi, as it is used to drink in holi and is known as bhaang. It is a part from recreational purpose these leaves are served to Lord Shiva on Shivratri – the day when Lord Shiva and Goddess Parwati get married.

Trimmings is something which is trimmed off a plant, these leaves are also trimmed off a plant, and the most effective part of leaves is those who are near the bud as both buds and the trimmings are full of trichomes, and both of these are totally good for smoking purpose.

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