As everybody knows that human body has a network of many glands and endocrine glands which secret different types of enzymes and harmons. These enzymes and harmons help in different parts of the human body internally. For example in our body, liver is the gland that produces enzymes, helpful in digestive system. Similarly endocrine glands, like pancreas secrets harmone insulin that helps in digesting blood sugar and maintaining sugar lavel in the body, function.

The existence of any gland like pechoti gland in human body does not exist biologically but it is used in Ayurveda. Pechoti gland, in our body, is said to perform the function of absorbing substances like CBD oil already in our body or applied through our belly button.

The belly button is the point of connection between child in the womb and mother through a navel, the card of tissues connecting mother with the child. It is through this unbiblical card the nutrients are absorbed. After birth of the child, the doctor cuts the card and flow of blood and fluids through the card is stopped. What is left behind is tissues of skin and hard ligaments. No gland is left.

This is known as pechoti method of treatment which is very useful for reducing pain, providing pain relief and relaxation. This method is popular in Ayurveda and it comes from ayurvedic materials.

This method is focused on connection between physical and spiritual health. If we go back to see the structure of belly button, we find that there is a thick network of nerves around the gut. It contains CB 2 receptors that allow CBD oils to help digest. CBD oils can interact with the nerves in the gut that aid in digestion.. They can help reduce the symptoms of gut disorders like irritable bowel syndromes. They also reduce stomach damages and relieve gut inflammation.

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