Green weed are the best quality weed available in market and that’s why it’s quite expensive and available only with few sellers. Unless you are totally a beginner to cannabis culture, you can never neglect the quality and high that it produces after a few intakes. These weed are high in THC and cannabinoid contents, chemicals responsible for the psychoactive effect needed by its consumers for recreational purpose. Even if you have a good tolerance to THC, you can still get high after smoking a small amount of this weed. Also it tastes sharp unlike crappy brown weeds which can cause sore throat and stress. Green weeds are not only used for recreational purpose but also by doctors for medicinal purpose, given to their patients for stress and pain relief.

Green weeds can be easily identified by a look, as it contains a blanket of trichomes all over it. The buds of high quality marijuana plants are full of strains containing trichomes which is the storage for the THC. Unlike brown weeds these plants are grown in good environment with proper care. The plants are harvested after the buds reach its maturity, and then cured in a vacuum container. Green weeds are dried enough to get moisturized as soon as pressed between fingers. It smells good and can fill your room within minutes and thus got its name loud weed. Someone who has low tolerant to THC can get high within minutes of smoking a few shots and can last for a whole day. 

These weeds are good enough for you to get a good reputation in parties thrown to your friend. Also used as dye and stains in different recipe, these weed gives you an immense satisfaction. So even now if you have the same question that, is Green weed good? You should definitely try one for yourself.

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