There are plenty of reason why a marijuana lover will prefer to roll a joint than purchase the commercial products that are available in the market, like

  • They can control the quantity of cannabis.
  • They can customize the size of the joint as per their preference.
  • They can control the type of the paper like choose either from rice or wheat strawpaper.
  • The most important factor is the price, as the commercial available products are not budget friendly.

So, now the question arises as what are all the material is required for rolling a joint.

The following materials are essentially needed

  1. Marijuana
  2. Herb grinder
  3. Rolling paper

Steps involved for rolling

  • The first and for most important step is t grind the cannabis dried leaves. You can use your hand to grind them, but it is highly recommended that you should buy a leaf grinder.
  • The next steps is to make your filter that can be done by using either glass tips, wood tips, hand paper, or you can use business card.
  • Take the rolling paper of your own choice and place the filter at one end and then spread the herbs throughout the paper.
  • This is the most complicated steps, now just roll the paper, with the help of your thumb and index finger. One thing that you must be careful is that you should not spill the herbs.
  • If you think that you cannot roll any more than your cone has formed. Just to make thing more stable generally tap the cone with filter at the bottom on a flat surface.
  • Just relax and enjoy your joint.


If you still find that rolling is not your cup of tea then there are plenty of gadgets available in the market like all in one electric grinder and rolling machine to make your life easy.



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