Joint is enjoying the flower’s flavor in an iconic way, it is for the cannabis smoker who should definitely learn how to roll a joint. The way you roll your joint shows how Cannabis smoker you are, it should burn in a smooth way. Rolling is the main thing in making a perfect joint, you should get a good trip after taking a joint.

Steps to roll a perfect joint:

Below are the things required to roll a joint:

  • Choose the Cannabis of your choice.
  • To roll a joint the amount of weed should be ½ gram which is normal and the rolling paper should be of the size 1 ¼.  For getting a good trip, start with a small amount of rolled weed and then can increase the amount.
  • Rolling paper need to be used.
  • Use a crutch or filter for the support to enjoy the joint properly.
  • Cannabis Grinder
  • A pen or any object of this shape to pack the joint properly.

Detailed process:

  • Cannabis Grinder: Avoid your hands to get sticky and easily roll the joint without getting your hands stick on the joint paper. A dried Cannabis can break down properly. But if you don’t have a grinder then hands or scissors can be the instruments used to grind or break down the Cannabis.
  • Create a filter or crutch: Make a crutch or a filter using a cardboard or a Business card since they are solid in form and will give a better support. It is attached at the end of the joint through which you smoke.
  • Fill with Cannabis: Fill your paper with the shake and with the crutch, and once you fill the cannabis then give it a shape with your hands
  • Pack the Joint: Give the joint a Cone shape, pinch the paper between the thumb and the finger and then roll it round in shape.
  • Roll the Joint: Now when you are done with packing roll the joint through the unglued side and then stick the one end of the paper using a little moisture.
  • Finish Packing the joint: Now when you are done with all the steps pack the joint to the end and make sure the joint burns smoothly.




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