We consider the guest posts and always appreciate our guests work and their knowledge they share. Bring out your creativeness and give as much knowledge as you can so that people become more curious about the content and try to visit your website. If you have real interest in writing and you do not look for money but imparting knowledge then here is the platform, you can write to us the content on Cannabis.

How to write to us?

We always encourage new authors and blogger who are full of enthusiastic and are with new and creative content. You can always write to us as a guest and we appreciate your efforts. The knowledge you impart will be somehow beneficial to the people.

Important points:

  • The article should be proper well written and drafted, should be a high-quality content.
  • The content should not have been published anywhere else otherwise it would not be considered.
  • The articles on the mentioned theme would be considered.
  • The length of the article should be 800 to 1000 words.
  • The article should be something out of the box.

What are the benefits to blog:

  • It gives you a lot knowledge
  • It increases the website traffic
  • Your website can have more number of viewers
  • Blogs make people curious to know more therefore they will visit your website more

Why to become contributor to our blog

We understand that without your contribution we cannot survive. Hence, we give full credit to the writer who have written the piece of information.


It would be a excellent learning experience for you if you write for us. Your writing should be capable of attracting more and more organic traffic to our website. One of the flexibility that we provide to writer is that they are allowed to repost same article to another website after 45 days of taking down from our website




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