Which is best measurement for weed: Gram vs Pound

Here in this article is very important for you if you are a weed buyer at any level. Because in this article we are going to inform you that what is the best measurement for weed, Gram vs Pound? and which measurement is best suitable for you. Is gram good or you should buy it in pound. 

Who should by in gram?

There are many users who use very less amount of weed, and for them buying the higher quantities of weed does not make any sense. For those users the gram unit is best. Now we must also know about the Gram. Gram is the measuring unit of the mass which is thousandth part of kilogram. 

Taking the example of those people who are not very much enthusiasts to buy weed or take some sample of a new strain without taking it to higher volume or do not consume the weed on a regular basis. The gram measurement makes it easier for those consumers and offers the opportunity to fulfil their need for weed in smaller quantities.

Who should by in Pound?

The users who uses a greater amount of weed then this unit is best for weed like the retailers, the growers should use this unit. Now the question is what is Pound? The pound is also a measuring unit of weight which is equivalent to 16 ounces, or we can say that pound is 16 times greater than ounces. The abbreviation for the pound which is used everywhere is “lb.” the most commonly used measuring unit in the United States is the pound, and it is less widely used in all other areas of the world. Only the United States, Liberia and Myanmar use the pound as the measuring units. Therefore, when you say that the child weighs 100 lbs in the United States and the child is of 43.36 Kilograms in India.

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Why you should smoke Reggie weed? 

Reggie weed is low grade weed that falls under C grade. It is grown in a very poorly way. It is dark in green color and sometime it looks in brown color too. It can be grown in the large fields instead of other weeds which are grown in garage or small place, Reggie weed can be grown at any big and open places just you know how to handle cops. 

No, you must avoid smoking Reggie weed. As its very bad in quality and grown in very poor way. The THC level of Reggie weed is just 2 percent that is very low compare to other weeds. If you smoke it, it can make you some horrible influences. You can find it in black market. So having Reggie weed means that you are heading towards something harmful. Reggie weed is an outcome of poor quality of fertilizers which are grown that makes it into so many seeds. Female Reggie weed produces seed which averts energy to have THC production and grow buds that in turn grow more seeds. This make the plant quality poorer. It is very bad in taste and smell like hell.

Reggie weed can make you unhealthy too as it contains harmful pesticides while growing. While having Reggie weed, you can feel health issues like its smoke can damage your sensitive tissues of your lungs and cause severe breathing issues. It contains harmful and mixture of many poorly grown seeds which create harmful nausea and make you feel fizziness and insensible while having it. 


Reggie weed is consider as one of the unsafe weed accessible in market. One must take care while having it and we will recommend you must throw it if you have.


The best time to eat leaves

There are many people who smoke weed, but they don’t know what is the best time to take weed to smoke. In this article, we will give you the information about what is the best time to smoke weed. After which process, you should consume weed and different things. So, sit tight and read this article.

Best time to take leaves

As all of us know that THC is one of the most important factors for getting you high, but do you know that it is produced in a certain period of plant’s life cycle only and many believe that curing is one of the better options to do before smoking weed. The time when the plant reaches its maturity, it gets harvested by the farmers. First of all, the farmers keep these plants until it gets dried and as soon as these are dry enough, it is then get stored in an airtight container so that it can sit and cure. Do you know why it is contained in an airtight container, the answer to this question is that keeping cannabis in an airtight container mellows out its lessens and odour and its harshness on the throat while smoking and after they get cured, the product will give you the most of THC which is also filled with the taste and smell.

In case you did not cure these trims and buds, most probably you will face a lot of sore throats and also harsh taste, but you will still feel high in that case. However, if you pluck out these leaves in its vegetative state, its most likely give you no results. 


Is Green Weed Good?

Green weed are the best quality weed available in market and that’s why it’s quite expensive and available only with few sellers. Unless you are totally a beginner to cannabis culture, you can never neglect the quality and high that it produces after a few intakes. These weed are high in THC and cannabinoid contents, chemicals responsible for the psychoactive effect needed by its consumers for recreational purpose. Even if you have a good tolerance to THC, you can still get high after smoking a small amount of this weed. Also it tastes sharp unlike crappy brown weeds which can cause sore throat and stress. Green weeds are not only used for recreational purpose but also by doctors for medicinal purpose, given to their patients for stress and pain relief.

Green weeds can be easily identified by a look, as it contains a blanket of trichomes all over it. The buds of high quality marijuana plants are full of strains containing trichomes which is the storage for the THC. Unlike brown weeds these plants are grown in good environment with proper care. The plants are harvested after the buds reach its maturity, and then cured in a vacuum container. Green weeds are dried enough to get moisturized as soon as pressed between fingers. It smells good and can fill your room within minutes and thus got its name loud weed. Someone who has low tolerant to THC can get high within minutes of smoking a few shots and can last for a whole day. 

These weeds are good enough for you to get a good reputation in parties thrown to your friend. Also used as dye and stains in different recipe, these weed gives you an immense satisfaction. So even now if you have the same question that, is Green weed good? You should definitely try one for yourself.

Sugar Leaves or Trimmings which make you high

What are the types of leaves which you can consume to get high?  The common answer will be two and that are fan leaves and sugar leaves or trimmings. In case you really want to test some weed leaves then I will suggest you go for the sugar leaves rather than fan leaves. It gives you a better highness than that of the fan leaves, but why is it so? Can we say that the sugar leaves filled with sugar or can we say that all leaves are different in a weed plant? We will see a little definition of sugar leaves or trimmings in this article.

Sugar Leaves or Trimmings

Sugar leaves will be the good choice over the fan leaves. Anyone can find these leaves near the buds and mainly the smaller ones. These leaves are also called because of the trichomes with which it is surrounded. It is the truth that trichomes also contains the THC in it, and that is why it makes it a better choice. The THC which takes you high but the leaves contains a bit less THC than we usually find in the buds of the weed plants as the Marijuana. You will have to take a good amount of weed for smoking to get high. Although in India these weed leaves have a very different purpose of serving on the days of holi, as it is used to drink in holi and is known as bhaang. It is a part from recreational purpose these leaves are served to Lord Shiva on Shivratri – the day when Lord Shiva and Goddess Parwati get married.

Trimmings is something which is trimmed off a plant, these leaves are also trimmed off a plant, and the most effective part of leaves is those who are near the bud as both buds and the trimmings are full of trichomes, and both of these are totally good for smoking purpose.

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How to roll a joint

There are plenty of reason why a marijuana lover will prefer to roll a joint than purchase the commercial products that are available in the market, like

  • They can control the quantity of cannabis.
  • They can customize the size of the joint as per their preference.
  • They can control the type of the paper like choose either from rice or wheat strawpaper.
  • The most important factor is the price, as the commercial available products are not budget friendly.

So, now the question arises as what are all the material is required for rolling a joint.

The following materials are essentially needed

  1. Marijuana
  2. Herb grinder
  3. Rolling paper

Steps involved for rolling

  • The first and for most important step is t grind the cannabis dried leaves. You can use your hand to grind them, but it is highly recommended that you should buy a leaf grinder.
  • The next steps is to make your filter that can be done by using either glass tips, wood tips, hand paper, or you can use business card.
  • Take the rolling paper of your own choice and place the filter at one end and then spread the herbs throughout the paper.
  • This is the most complicated steps, now just roll the paper, with the help of your thumb and index finger. One thing that you must be careful is that you should not spill the herbs.
  • If you think that you cannot roll any more than your cone has formed. Just to make thing more stable generally tap the cone with filter at the bottom on a flat surface.
  • Just relax and enjoy your joint.


If you still find that rolling is not your cup of tea then there are plenty of gadgets available in the market like all in one electric grinder and rolling machine to make your life easy.



How to roll a blunt

For rolling a blunt one need to grind the blunt as it is much necessary as it can be grind by a grinder. Then you need to wrap the blunt for which one has to select the wrap of their own choices and the moment at that time what taste you are liking to have.

Now its time to break down the wrap the best choice to break it through the blade from the middle top to bottom and just simply take care and empty it  and discard the tobacco. After removing all tobacco from the wrap you need to moisten the wrap it seems to be good idea to moisten the wrap with water or saliva with making it easier to work with.

And place the amount of weed in wrap for this you need to hold the weed in one hand and make the wrap in cylindrical shape and start to put a pinch of weed or marijuana in it by forming a line that runs the full length of the wrap.

After this its time to roll up a blunt use your hand to gently rock the wrapping paper back which provide you to roll your blunt in a cylindrical shape which is uniform in thickness. When you thinks that you have found a right shape then seal its both edges by leaking to the roll and light up the lighter and move around the roll in order to make it perfect roll.

So take a moment every now and again to enjoy some cigar tidbits…before they go up in smoke.

The equipment’s required to roll it are:

  • You need a Cigar or a Cigarillo or a Blunt Wrap, it depends on how much you want to take or how big it should be.
  • Grinder is a requirement to roll the blunt properly. Many prefer it to crush it with hands but it requires a little more time instead use a grinder to crush the weed. If the cannabis is crushed properly then it will burn evenly and rolls easily.
  • Herbs are required to roll a blunt, and the herb should be of a good quality.



How to roll a joint properly?

Joint is enjoying the flower’s flavor in an iconic way, it is for the cannabis smoker who should definitely learn how to roll a joint. The way you roll your joint shows how Cannabis smoker you are, it should burn in a smooth way. Rolling is the main thing in making a perfect joint, you should get a good trip after taking a joint.

Steps to roll a perfect joint:

Below are the things required to roll a joint:

  • Choose the Cannabis of your choice.
  • To roll a joint the amount of weed should be ½ gram which is normal and the rolling paper should be of the size 1 ¼.  For getting a good trip, start with a small amount of rolled weed and then can increase the amount.
  • Rolling paper need to be used.
  • Use a crutch or filter for the support to enjoy the joint properly.
  • Cannabis Grinder
  • A pen or any object of this shape to pack the joint properly.

Detailed process:

  • Cannabis Grinder: Avoid your hands to get sticky and easily roll the joint without getting your hands stick on the joint paper. A dried Cannabis can break down properly. But if you don’t have a grinder then hands or scissors can be the instruments used to grind or break down the Cannabis.
  • Create a filter or crutch: Make a crutch or a filter using a cardboard or a Business card since they are solid in form and will give a better support. It is attached at the end of the joint through which you smoke.
  • Fill with Cannabis: Fill your paper with the shake and with the crutch, and once you fill the cannabis then give it a shape with your hands
  • Pack the Joint: Give the joint a Cone shape, pinch the paper between the thumb and the finger and then roll it round in shape.
  • Roll the Joint: Now when you are done with packing roll the joint through the unglued side and then stick the one end of the paper using a little moisture.
  • Finish Packing the joint: Now when you are done with all the steps pack the joint to the end and make sure the joint burns smoothly.




How to roll a Blunt

Many of the people are fond of marijuana as it allows you to forget all your pains and sorrow and enjoy your life with full enthusiasm.

Those who love blunt tends to love them at their peak level. As we can say there are handful of reasons that why blunt lovers usually prefer this method of intaking the marijuana or weeds.

  • Taste and smell: many love one enjoy it smell and tastes that comes from the tobacco leaf wrapped over the weed they some times mixes two different flavor leaf make it one for smoking experiences.
  • Slow burn: Blunts usually tends to burn for little longer than a standard joints. As it provide experience slowly and slowly for longer duration.
  • Versatility: As one can easily and quickly roll it up anytime and anywhere. As it can be equally effective for social smoking as well as personal.
  • Effects: The tobacco leaf wrap has been introduce a very new and feeling high sensation with combination of tobacco and cannabis.
  • Blunts seems to be excellent choice for the cannabis which has the strong aromas and flavors as it burns slow and have a intense high feeling.

As rolling paper are the most important element in a blunt, selecting right tobacco wrap is the delight of each and every rolling blunt because they tend to be very loyal to a particular brand of tobacco Wrapping paper.

It is famous in celebrities as it can be used by rappers to use as a rhyming rap and celebrities like to have snap with it. These last longer, the effect of marijuana and tobacco makes a person sparked up feels like buzz in the body. If it has such a buzzing effect then it must require some really nice skills to roll it up.  That’s how you roll a blunt.…

Learn How To Roll

How to Roll

Rolling is the main thing in making a perfect joint, you should get a good trip after taking a joint.

Steps to roll a perfect joint:

Below are the things required to roll a joint:

  • Choose the Cannabis of your choice.
  • To roll a joint the amount of weed should be ½ gram which is normal and the rolling paper should be of the size 1 ¼.  For getting a good trip, start with a small amount of rolled weed and then can increase the amount.
  • Rolling paper need to be used.
  • Use a crutch or filter for the support to enjoy the joint properly.
  • Cannabis Grinder
  • A pen or any object of this shape to pack the joint properly.

Steps to roll a joint:

  • Break the buds: You can use a grinder to grind the buds or can use hands to grind but it takes a little more time to break through hands and makes your hand sticky. The strains that are sticky are really hard to grind through a grinder so break those sticky ones by hands.
  • Make a filter: Use a cardboard to make a joint’s filter, they are solid in form and will give a better support. It is attached at the end of the joint through which you smoke.
  • Fill the joint paper and pack the weed: Fill your paper with the shake and with the crutch, and once you fill the cannabis then give it a shape with your hands.
  • Roll it and wrap it up: Press the weed down using the finger, and roll it with the thumb. Tuck the filter on the end after giving it the cone shape. Then wrap the top of the joint and burn the joint to that side.


By combining your knowledge of the slang terms for marijuana, the tools used to smoke the drug, the terms used in its distribution, and simple home drug testing kits you can be assured as a parent that you are doing everything possible to keep your family drug free.